Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Recovery

They came, we played . . . we're exhausted! We just wrapped-up our annual visit with my sister, Nikki, and her family. To recap--Kendall and her family live here; Nikki and her family live in NoVa (Northern Virginia). To add to the joy of the season, however, this holiday started with my folks visiting for Christmas. Their arrival was delayed by snow in NoVa, but they got here on the 22nd and stayed for an entire week! This is huge news because it was the first Christmas I've spent with my parents in 22 years! We had a great time and wish they had stayed longer. Nikki and fam stayed until the morning of the 3rd. We stayed-up entirely too late every night--talking, dancing and throwing back a drink or two. I'm telling you it's stupid while being an absolutely fabulous time! Furthermore, I can think of at least a dozen conversations I started with my sister and never finished!

this is how we spent much of our time--eating or preparing to eat!
what a treat to see my mom at our holiday table!

Dad has been to visit, but never at Christmas!

Learning to shag with their dads!

my turn to teach my son--i'm leading as always!
I almost didn't post this one . . . but it's the best representation of the fun we had!
I hope your holidays were just as exhausting!
Thanks for your indulgence!

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Kendall Welsh said...

have you recovered now? It was so fun to have everyone together again! Been a very long time!!!

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