Wednesday, June 10, 2009

don't ask . . .

You know when people ask you how you're doing and, instead of telling them about everything going on in your life (good or bad), you almost always say, "Doin' well, thanks. And you?" At least, that's my usual response, but lately it's not been in me.

Lately, I've found myself unloading--my Grandmother died, a dear family lost their husband/dad/brother/son, the A/C at the shop needs to be replaced and the kids' hamster died. Oh by the way, it appears I've double booked appointments almost every day this week! . . . and you?"

There are some silver linings. I just need to refocus. Filling my glass past the half-full mark!

With regard to my Grandmother's passing--she was 88 years old and had lived very comfortably, especially for the past 10 years with my parents. She was loved. Silver lining, perhaps now my Mother and Father will be able to enjoy a little more freedom in their retirement years. (I hope that doesn't sound callus, but I feel my Mom has really missed out on being a Grandmother herself.)

The hamster that died had cannibalistic tendencies. 'nough said.

A/C has died. Silver lining, perhaps a more efficient system will result in lower electricity bills AND I may be able to figure out how to provide some climate control to ARTifacts on our second floor. Either way, it's a building improvement and a tax deduction for 2009!

Can't find a silver lining in the death of a 40 year old husband/dad/brother/son, so I'll be satisfied with three out of four and say some extra prayers for peace and comfort.

Okay, so now, it's safe to ask.

"Doin' well, thanks. And you?"

Thanks for your indulgence!

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Mrs Martin said...

I know exactly how you feel with your parents having more freedom. It's not callus at all. Hugs!

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