Sunday, April 19, 2009

They Came, They Saw--They Cleaned-up!

Rivers & Spires was another success--at least from the perspective of this shopkeeper. The festival was huge. I cannot believe the huge number of people we had walking down Franklin Street. The people watching was incredible! Hardly a sign of the event this morning!

Here's a couple pics of the celebrities we hosted at Hodgepodge:


kendall and jennifer

jennifer, patty and me!

oh? the guys? just the stars of HGTV's, Designed to Sell! Pics one and two included David Wint and John Gidding; in the third pic you see Chip Wade with John Gidding.

I didn't get to chat them up--I was busy in the shop, but I hope that those of you who had the opportunity to talk with/meet them were pleased. They seemed nice enough. Did anyone catch them during the festival? I think they were around at a few other locations.

Okay--moving on to other stuff tomorrow! Lots going on in Clarksville--in addition to Rivers & Spires!

Thanks for your indulgence!

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