Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Thoughts . . . oh, and another contest!

Just a few thoughts on this and that.

I've decided my family does more than they should for my business--the sacrifices made for my success are all theirs. What would I do without these smiling faces?
I know I wrote a lot about the celebrities from HGTV, but these are the guys I'm most impressed by--they always help, they always understand and they're always there/here for me.Am I lucky or what?

Another thing on my mind. (To confess, it's been there for a while--which is why I had the camera available to take photos.) It's the lack of support for the Roxy Regional Theatre or the assertion that The Roxy isn't a viable addition/contributor to the activities of Historic Downtown Clarksville. Ever tried to find a parking place downtown while there's a show at The Roxy? Did you even consider that the lack of parking spaces is because there's a show at The Roxy? Ever notice, while you're out to dinner at The Deli, Edwards or the Blackhorse, a lot of the tables clear-out around 7:45 PM? Why is this the case? Because there is a show at The Roxy!

You want easy downtown parking? Come downtown when there isn't a show at The Roxy--like two weeks ago:

Wednesday, April 8th--no show (one of the cars is mine)

Wednesday, April 15th--CATS is playing at The Roxy

So, you tell me--does The Roxy bring folks downtown? Have you had a chance to see for yourself? Make a date to see a show at The Roxy--you won't be disappointed.

CATS is now playing. It's amazing. Get your tickets now. Oh, alright. I'll give them to you. Leave your comments here and I'll pick a random winner of two tickets to see CATS at The Roxy.

Thanks for your indulgence.


Angela Titus said...

Of course The Roxy brings people downtown! Clearly by your photos you have documented proof - or a very odd coincidence.

I love The Roxy! I love the history, the building itself, the shows, John and Tom... but I think most of all, I love the memories I have from it. I remember school field trips there when I was young, truly appreciating "Pay what you can" nights when I had a $10 allowance, and seeing some of my friend's talents blossom in the community theater shows.

It is a wonderful asset to the city. I am so glad it is still around so I can share the joys of it with my children, three of whom saw their first play there - and loved it!

Taylor said...

I don't mean to be catty about The Roxy, but t.s. Eliot if you haven't caught a show there. Every alley cat, cool cat, hep cat, and Katmandu knows the corner of 1st and Franklin is the place to be. Some nights the theatre is packed like sardines in a can, and people have to watch the show from the cat walk. There are so many "Memories" associated with that place, and that's no stinky litter box. They are, and always will be the cat's pyjamas. So get a cat-o-nine-tails out for anyone who hasn't been there. They are the catnip du'jour. Practical cats don't pussy foot around when they want to catch a show; they scat downtown to The Roxy.


Food, crafts and the women said...

I love downtown clarksville, I moved here a year ago, but did not go strolling downtown until this summer (besides visiting the restaurants, which are great!) I don't know why, I guess I espected it to be full of college students and bars. But now I love to go and walk around, it is such an interesting and beautiful area! I haven't been to the roxy yet, but I hope to do so this fall.

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