Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rosebud Hearts

We always have a great time getting together to create. This night was no different.
We met at our house last Tuesday to make these:

I was joined by Teresa, Kathy, Kendall, Martha, Judy and Hannah. First, we inserted the floral foam into our containers. (I purchased the floral foam and the terra cotta containers at our local craft store.) Fill the container with one whole piece of foam (slicing-off excess at the top), then wedge small pieces into the spaces around the edge for a tight fit. Then, we fired-up the hot glue guns and got busy attaching tiny pink rosebuds to Styrofoam heart forms. You start by creating a hole for the trunk (an 18" cinnamon stick), which you'll insert later. Then you start adding the rosebuds. We found that, with our Styrofoam forms, it was easier to make the hole with a bamboo skewer, then add the rosebuds with the hot glue. We had several different approaches around the table. Some worked in one area filling in the entire area before moving around the heart; others filled-in the interior of the heart and worked their way to the outside. Either approach had the same problem at the end--nowhere to hold-on to finish the last of the heart. Most agreed it was easier to finish making the holes before your grip area gets too small. Once you have finished adding the roses, double-check the fit of the cinnamon stick; add the hot glue and wait for it to be secure. Then you're going to fit the cinnamon stick into the foam. Try to go straight in. Add a little hot glue around the base--hold steady until secure. The final touches will be Spanish moss around the top of the container and ribbon around the cinnamon stick--just under the heart. The completed topiary will last for a very long time. The one pictured here is at least twelve years old. The roses are faded (or dusty), but I love it.

Kendall was the only one to complete here topiary the night we got together. I hope our other participants will add their comments here.
One last note, when we have these get-togethers I usually provide food. This evening, I whipped-up a couple quiches, a fruit salad and creme brulee--YUM! I mention this because I used some vintage snack sets I grabbed from my mother's discards when she was scaling down. The funny thing I noticed as I was pulling these out for a cleaning, the box is marked "Informal Seashell Snack Sets." Immediately I thought, did the folks in 60s (when these sets were very popular) need to be strictly instructed? You may NOT use these sets at formal affairs!

Thanks for your indulgence.


PS You know I'm a HUGE shop local fan, but occasionally you can't find what you need anywhere but the net. Here's where I found the rosebuds and cinnamon sticks. It's an addictive site, so don't over-do-it!

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