Sunday, February 22, 2009

forced down time

i'm preparing for a little forced down time. i have to have a little procedure performed tomorrow--no biggie, but the doc recommended 3 days off. i'll take two (i hope that's all--of course, i don't "bounce" like i once use to . . . not sure i've ever really "bounced") and return to the shop on wednesday.

hodgepodge will be closed on monday--i hope you're not inconvenienced. patty will be there for you (but mostly me--thank you patty) on tuesday.

see you at the shop wednesday, but here in blogdom sooner--i hope.

don't forget to add your comments for the contest!

thanks for your indulgence.

ps--we unpacked some new stuff on saturday--come see!
pps--did i get some cool stuff at ARTifacts on saturday!?! you need to go see the new things our vendors have added. i need to get up there more frequently!


gardenymph said...

Interesting illustration there, Paige. I'm hoping your procedure was a little more pleasant than that? Hope you are recovering quickly. Get some rest.

Me said...

Love the hilarious print. I imagine it takes a hammer to make you behave sometimes.

If you and Kendall need someone to haul some of your crew or feed you, let me know. I'm happy to help.

Paige Thomas King said...

thanks you guys--all better.

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