Sunday, December 14, 2008

to blink or not to blink

Not a typical question, especially with regard to our Christmas tree. Yes, folks, we actually have a Christmas tree standing in our family room! Well, for that matter, in the parlor, dining room and the upstairs landing. (This is me "not going over board" this year.) Oh, and the staircase banister that I wasn't going to decorate . . . the first layer is already on. (See last year's post for the details of what's involved there.)

So, back to the question . . . to blink or not to blink? I am referring to the multi-functional lights on the tree. I'm not even sure how they got in the house--it must have been a purchase made by Darren last year and put away with the rest of the stuff. Anyway, all of the other lights from last year were dead--we had to use them. We can set them on a variety of settings--from fading in-and-out, to a seizure-inducing blinking. I decided to give it a try, but the blinking has been changed to the fade. I don't know why, but I thought I could achieve the Rockefeller Center tree look with a few blinking lights, but I now know its a matter of scale. You can get away with it on a tree that's 75 feet tall.

So much for my relaxed approach to decorating for the holidays. Four trees and the banister notwithstanding, I am holding back in some areas. I'm not pulling out the nutcracker or santa collections. The only reason the "Wornitz Haus" collection has made the cut is because it was never put away last year! (True confessions!)
Okay, I'll try to include some pictures when one of these items is actually complete. Oh yeah, I'll also be decorating the mantle in the family room. I better get busy. The kids are holding out hope for at least a delayed start for school tomorrow. The reports were warning about ice or freezing rain. Maybe I can get some stuff done if/then.
I hope you're having fun preparing for Christmas.

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