Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are You Done with Your Decorating?

Pine, pearl berries & ice twigs--$155

I'm still trying to get my house pulled together. I've got the three trees downstairs done--well, still no garland on the big one . . . I can't decide what I want to do this year. I just got in a gorgeous silver, over-sized hops garland. It's amazing, but it really won't work on my tree--too much gold.

Those folks at Meravic make some gorgeous artificial florals. When I first started carrying them, it was just to use as accents throughout the shop, but so many people started asking about purchasing them, I started buying enough to share. Then folks started asking for prices for entire arrangements . . .

Magnolia, pomegranates & oranges--$107


While Nikki was here in November, I asked for help to put together some arrangements for the holidays. We used my favorite container, the french flea market vase--which also holds candles.

If you're in need of a a beautiful centerpiece or floral accent for the sideboard, you might consider one of these. They will all carry you through the winter, as they have enough-but-not-too-much of a Christmas touch.

Sarracenia w/ succulents--$110

Winter Nest--$105

Platinum & Blue--$155

Fern w/ Silver--$137

When you by the arrangement, you'll save 20% off the price of each individual item and there is no fee for the creative genius (aka: assembly).

I hope these ideas help you with your plans. Oh yeah, one more to show--piece of cake for anyone to do-it-yourself. Grab one of these two-tier baskets with candle holders--fill the base with ornaments (these are faux stone ornaments from our Mary Carol Collection), pomegranates (in this case, they're real)and a length of ribbon twisted around everything, add candles and spirali grass (in this case, platinum, which work great with the faux stone). The grass stems just poke through the wire mesh--easy peasey!

You Can Do It!

Alrighty, then. That's all for today.

Talk to you again soon!

Thanks for your indulgence.


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