Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Day in the Morning!

I hope I can say that tomorrow. The day will start bright and early--well, early anyway--when I meet Hank Bonecutter of WJZM (1400AM) at the shop for an on site broadcast for many of the shopkeepers and restaurant owners downtown. We'll have an opportunity to talk about our business and the festivities planned for tomorrow afternoon.

Today started much like the above picture demonstrates--brrrrrr! As Patty said, "Those children look so cold."
Don't forget that the parade starts tomorrow at 5 P.M. The streets will start closing around 2 P.M., but the businesses will remain open throughout and into the evening. Most shops will remain open until 8 P.M. tomorrow night. There are all kinds of festivities planned throughout the downtown.
Then on Sunday, you may want to visit the Smith-Trahern Mansion for their annual Christmas Open House from 5 - 7 P.M. This is a special event when they ask various businesses and agencies to decorate trees and various areas of the house for the holiday. Each year they develop a theme to use as an inspiration. This year, the theme is "The Songs of Christmas." I decorated the dining table with the amazing talent and help of David Presley for the centerpieces. Here are a few photos of the we grabbed as we put the finishing touches on the table.

A little simple for my normal table settings, but I needed to make it movable--for special events. I started with layers of burlap (surprise, surprise); then I scattered vintage sheet music all over the table; then a layer of royal blue tulle (to set-off the Royal Copenhagen dishes). The actual place setting stars with a silver charger, then a blue glass charger, a dinner and salad plate from the flea market collection by TAG. Finally, the inspiration for this table, the Royal Copenhagen dishes. I brainstormed with Patty for the setting and ideas for incorporating more sheet music. David's arrangements are gorgeous and can be purchased--just give me a call for pricing and delivery (after Sunday)!

I was going to post pictures of some of the trees and the staircase (amazing!), but as I forgot to ask permission, I think I better just encourage you to go see for yourself!

Thanks for your indulgence!


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Jen's Housekeeping said...

I am going to take a break from cleaning my house *right now* to go and get some burlap! I love what you do with burlap!!!

Hmmmm, today is my only chance all month to clean my own house - - - who cares! Sleep, ya, that's it - I'll skip the sleep! (oh the memories of my Mema running the vacuum at 2 in the morning!)

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