Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recovery in Progress

It's amazing to have it behind us. I can't believe we pulled it off. Since my last post we've added final touches on the decorations, baked goodies, participated in Art Walk, hosted a special event for our very best customers and an open house.

Thursday my sister, Nikki, arrived for a visit (Kendall--the sister who lives here--went to pick-her-up at the airport). Kendall helps out at Hodgepodge anytime I ask and Nikki was happy join us is our activity. The fact is, I begged her to come. She's a great cook and always puts together a great menu for entertaining.

Little did she know she'd be cooking our entire menu on a griddle, intended for pancakes and bacon. Kendall cooked the turkey in her oven--the rest was on the griddle! Amazing! I left the house with a broken stove/oven and a call into the electrician. I spent the day at the shop tweaking the displays and wondering how the cooking was going. Then, around 4:30 they show-up--everything is done and looks beautiful! We had a great turn-out. My voice was gone before it started and really done by the end of the night.

Then we went home and baked some more (oven was fixed) for day two of the festivities.
More to follow--to include some recipes for our open house.
Thanks for your indulgence.


gardenymph said...

I had a wonderful time and the shop looked fabulous as always. The food was scrumptious!
I sure do miss living downtown. :~)

Karen said...

This was wonderful. The food and company were excellent and I got shopping done too.

I love the wrought iron chandelier- but I have no farmhouse to put it in.

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