Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got a Gimmick?

Yup, yup . . . I believe I do!

You're reading, I know you are.

Okay, I don't know, but I do hope you are.

In order to find out, I've put together a prize package to celebrate the season and bring you out of your blogging shells. Any blog reader is eligible. Just read through to see the rules.

This package includes seasonally scented counter top spray and dish soap from Caldrea (because we're constantly in the kitchen);

a beautiful ornament from Wendy Addison (because we need some glitter);

a Femme de Junque t-shirt (because I need some gratutious advertising); a large take-out box of Mountain Cedar potpourri from E Barrett (because it smells like the Christmas tree lot);

a stretchy rhinestone ring (see item 2 for justification);

a package of mulling spices (because they're tasty in cider or wine);

a vintage holiday apron (because we all want to look cute while we're prepping in the kitchen);

and, finally, the December issue of Romantic Homes (because it's full of decorating ideas and recipes for the season).

I'm going to make you work for it though . . . you need to leave a comment here on my blog (not in an email) regarding your favorite fall/winter holiday tradition. We'll toss all of your names in a hat and choose a winner on December 7th. Heck, I'm giving away so much stuff, I may enter!
If this works out well--I may do another one before the holidays! After all, 'tis the season to GIVE!
Happy Silver Friday!
As always, thanks for your indulgence!


kendall welsh said...

My favorite holiday tradition would be something that we just did for the second time this year. It is the officemax "elfyourself" tool. It was funny last year, but the additions of the new scenes are an absolute riot! check it out! www.elfyourself.jibjab.com - funny funny stuff.

Besides that, I am happy with Paige's mushroom stuffing recipe! Yummy!!

gardenymph said...

Ooooh goodie, can I go first? Let's see... our favorite fall tradition is gathering colorful fall leaves to make crafts with. My favorite, *cough*, I mean OUR favorite craft is to press the fall leaves for 24 hours and then seal them between two sheets of wax paper. This year we cut the leaves out and hung them in the window. You can see more about this on my bloggy blog

Great giveaway, Paige! I'm very excited about this holiday season. :~)

gardenymph said...

Ooops, I gave you the wrong html.

The link to the fall craft post should be here:

the craft that came to be


debbie said...

Paige, I've never "blogged" before nor have I responded to a blog :-) Hope you get this....please enter me in your contest for prizes!! Debbie Underwood

Anonymous said...

Paige -- You are just incredible---you have such a beautiful shop---then you expand and take the tremendous opportunity for the Strawberry Alley enterence AND you let me and my friends come thru - interupt you - just to go the celebration of The Fountian--Thank You so much for being you -- (all of downtown should just give you a big THANK YOU) - Anyway - thnkx for e-mail & fyi - this is my first blog--hoope it turns out ok - P.S. still have your seeds - but will get them to you -(you know I have to come in b-4 Xmas ---You're doing great!!!!! Jean

Amy Thompson said...

Our favorite holiday tradition is making Scandinavian Cookies and desserts...krumkake, sandbakels, and Danish Puffs and then making them into dessert trays for our neighbors.
Merry Christmas...may your memories come alive this year!

Jen's Housekeeping said...

My personal favorite traditions have to do with movies and popcorn! I love to watch "Pieces of April" on or around Thanksgiving, and soon after I love to string popcorn and cranberries for my Christmas tree!

Paige - I love your store and I love what you have to say about building a strong community and local economy. Thank you so much for your hard work:)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Paige, my favorite holiday tradition is baking enough cookies and treats to share with friends and family. See you soon.
Karen Sterbutzel

Me said...

My favorite tradition is, I have to admit, our Wine and Cheese party. I love to get the house and myself all dressed up for the season, invite all of my favorite people over, and spend the evening talking and laughing and getting silly. It gets bigger every year, but I dearly love it.

Though if you want a good smarmy, family-friendly answer, I love coming home from the Christmas Vigil service and putting the Baby Jesus in all of the manger scenes around the house.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paige,
My favorite holiday tradition begins with the Thanksgiving holiday - as I have already planned for the normal turkey dinner, all that stuff is in the fridge and pantry, so no worries there! I love to turn on my two favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz and the 1961 version of Cinderella. This is an old family tradition - from when we were children, and these two movies would come on TV - heralding the "Holiday Season"!
See you soon!
Patsy Dollar
the loose potter

DtCtyGrl said...

My favorite holiday traditions start pre-Thanksgiving by putting up the Christmas tree with my daughters, Thanksgiving cooking (full meal), parades, "Miracle on 34th Street" in the evening. Then it's on to lots of holiday music, movies, and fun throughout the next several weeks. It's a non-stop celebration from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. :)

Stacy said...

My favorite holiday tradition starts the week before Thanksgiving and picking out some tree ornaments from your shop. Our three boys take turns going with me each year. This was the first year my youngest Kyle got to pick. After over indulging in Thanksgiving dinner, we carry down the boxes of Christmas and put the tree up. My pure delight comes when I watch our boys carefully unwrap all the ornaments from Christmas past as if it were a present. They get so excited and hang them all in the same location low center part of the Christmas tree. LOL Every year I promise myself not to rehang them for correct balance because I know in the years to follow, the ornaments will start to reach higher on the tree. Happy and safe holidays to everyone. Stacy Lamm

Karen said...

My favorite part of the whole season is Advent. The day after Thanksgiving we get out the Advent box of decorations. It gets put out before any other and includes the Advent calendars, Advent wreath and special prayers, and our nativity scenes (some how we have ended up with 5!) We take the time each night to light the candles and say our short (2 line) prayer for each week. Ethan turns over the numbers on the calendars each morning and we try to focus on the reason we are celebrating Christmas. Christmas Eve we add baby Jesus to our scenes (when we are in town). Christmas Day we put white candles in the Advent wreath and our Three Kings journey down the stairs until Epiphany. These are the last decorations that are put away (ideally on Epiphany but life interrupts that goal sometimes.)

The daily focus found in that quiet moment each morning turning over the calendar pieces and the quiet moment lighting the candles brings brings moments of peace into the crazy season.

Though to be honest, decorating the Christmas tree ties focusing on Advent. It is a history of us; our childhoods, courtship, marriage, travels and family. We've collected the ornaments over the years and each one tells a story.

Mary said...

Hey Paige! This is Mary-Kendall's friend. My daughter was reading over my shoulder while I read your blog and said Momma-tell Miss Kendall's sister about OUR tradition. So here I am...typing this...haha. When Anissa was about 2, I bought a new Christmas tree skirt, it was plain and just said Merry Christmas along the edge. I took glitter paint and painted her hands and put her handprints on it, then took paint and added the year underneath her handprints. I continued to do that every year, and when William was born, also did his hands. Last year we started a new tree skirt, the other one had filled up. Anissa will get the first one to have for a keepsake and William will get the next one. Doing the handprints on the tree skirt and putting the angel on top of the tree are Anissa's favorite parts of decorating the tree for Christmas.
Since we moved over the summer and now live 600 miles away, we truly don't expect to be added to the contest. Anissa just wanted me to share!
You all have a wonderful holiday season! Tell Kendall we said Hi!!

Mary Burton

Anonymous said...

hi paige--never blogged before, but here goes. i always do thanksgiving at our house, complete with vintage decorations from mark's family--so much fun remembering! then we (triplets and all) go and see the lights on the cumberland and watch college football games all day saturday, while putting up the tree. marcia williams--

bamaboilermaker said...

My favorite part is decorating the tree. Karen makes a fantastic spread of finger food and we'll put on some Christmas music, pop open champagne and drink it from our Waterford toasting flutes used on our wedding day.

We get ornaments from all of the places we've traveled to and decorating the tree gives us a chance to reflect on what we have seen and accomplished together as a family.

bamaboilermaker said...

Is this thing working? I tried to post a comment a few minutes ago and it is not showing up. Jeff

bamaboilermaker said...

never mind. I see the big green letters stating blog owner approval was needed. - jeff

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