Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It’s a Wrap!

Why yes, it is a wrap . . . it’s also a scarf, a sarong and even a table topper!
We have just received several shipments of spring and summer scarves in a multitude of patterns, shapes and sizes—many of which can be used in a variety of ways.  Stop in the shop for a closer look-see or give us a call for to arrange shipping, 931-647-0444.
This multi-striped scarf has been our best seller in many colors and incarnations (fall to spring).  it is now available in aqua, green, white (shown) and pink for only $12.95.
Bright, light weight scarf with beaded fringe—available in purple, orange, pink, green (shown), yellow, aqua and blue.  $12.95

bright stripes scarf (light weight and super soft)—predominant colors of each scarf are:  aqua and purple, green and orange, bright green and pink (shown).  $17.50

Medallion print scarf (suitable as a sarong, too)—available in pink, olive (shown) and salmon.  $22.50

Baisc ikat print scarf in orange, yellow, taupe and pink (shown).  $18.75

Dotted paisley edged scarf, grey and pink (shown), green and pink or blue and purple. $18.75

Bird silhouette scarf—ivory background (shown) or pink background.  $37.50

Birds on a wire scarf, trimmed in lavender (shown), pink or green.  $35.00

I love wearing scarves—which translates into a large selection of scarves available at Hodgepodge!
Thanks for your indulgence,

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