Friday, April 26, 2013

inspiration resources

ever felt like you are the only person on the face of the earth suffering from a severe lack of creativity? of inspiration? of motivation?

well, here I sit—wondering where my “c.i.m.” is, so I started perusing blog list and the answer is no.  no one else appears to be suffering from a lack of c.i.m.

did you know in australia, the 25th of april is anzac day?  my friend tanya posted a poignant tribute on her blog, suburban jubilee.

and then there is the amazing pam garrison who is working on this great commitment to document her “project life” (now into week 13), plus all kinds of other creativity she manages to squeeze in as well.  (it’s enough to make a girl feel like a total failure!)


then there is my friend, kimberly jones, who not only participated in one of jeanne oliver’s workshops, but she actually took what she learned and made this . . .

Lovely Day Painterly Collage Art Journal Cover via Serendipity Vintage Studio


and finally, my upstairs neighbor, kimberly santiago—having veered off our mutually-agreed-to complacency path—took another stroll down the road of productivity and added these kits to her inspired inventory.

bangle 8

this is just a sampling of all of the productive and creative folks out there accomplishing great things.

so, tell me, how do you overcome your creative obstacles?

thanks for your indulgence.


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Sweetladyelaine said...

Don't get stressed! It happens to everyone....sit back and relax! I look at magazines,look for something fun to do, join a class, read a book, look in decorating books,or bake to get my juices flowing. They will, just do something you LOVE! They are there, just resting. Good Luck!
Blessings My Friend,

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