Wednesday, January 30, 2013

retirement philosophy

Having just come off a “mini-vaca” at our friends “retirement home” in Florida, my husband and I have retirement property on our minds. 

When we bought our house in Clarksville, it was far too early to think about retirement.   We’ve had so many ideas about what would be the ideal retirement property for us that it is probably a good thing we haven’t made any purchases yet. 

First, I have to say, I have a difficult time thinking about leaving our home.  We’ve only been there for 10 years and—strange, but true—I still feel like a visitor more than the owners of this old house.  I mean, the house is more than 130 years old—it’s got a story and were only 1/13th of that story.  (I’ll save that blue butterfly thought process for another post.)

Back to retirement properties . . . we’ve often talked about where we would like to have a home for our golden years.  I’ve envisioned two—one where we live and one that we use for long weekends and the entire summer.  But, what I am beginning to  think about is something like what our friends have done.  They bought their dream home in the ideal location for their retirement plans, but they live there now . . . pre-retirement.  “Mr. Friend” is not retired; he still works like a fiend. They have purchased, however, the house “they will die in.” (their words, not mine.)


(The Beach Paradise)

We’ve pretty much always assumed our place would be in or near the Northern Neck region of the Virginia coast.  That is the destination for our annual summer vacations with my sisters and their families.  We love it, but it is a little isolated (for me) for full-time living.  I get a little panicked at the thought of being there alone while my husband continues to work away from home.


That being said, I’ve found this blog—it may change my mind.

Then we think about getting some property near a lake, somewhere nearby, so we could actually get away now would be ideal, but not part of our current reality.  Of course, it could be if we got one of these . . .

vintage camper


You could color me happy with this arrangement!  Especially if we could have several to accommodate guests . . . ooh!  I think I’m onto something.


(the RV park at Cole’s Point, VA)

My sister and brother-in-law, have already made the leap with a camper purchase.  We have a great time when we are there, but I think my husband would prefer something requiring a little less set-up upon arrival.  Back to the drawing board . . . (I just can’t give up the idea of restoring one of those campers!!!)

Then we think about the fact that we live a couple blocks from the Cumberland River.  We could just stay put and get a slip at the marina for our yet-to-be-purchased boat.  This is the most frugal option as it is less expense and work to keep-up just one property.



Okay—just did a quick proof read and added my photos.  I am sounding extremely privileged!  “Lifestyles of the Moderately comfortable and infamous.”  I can’t believe all of the options we have.  I’m just going to shut-up and thank God for our blessings and I certainly don’t want to wish/plan away what we have now.  

Then again, I’m pretty sure God understands my need to wish and plan, so after I give thanks for my abundant blessings, I may check-out EBay for vintage camper listings . . .

Thanks for your, but especially God’s, indulgence!



Auntie Bliss said...

I try to think ahead and make some penciled in plans...and like you wonder what God has in store for us.
I've seen other couples whose plans didn't happen and figure mine probably won't either!
I envision though...a little commune of sorts :) precious little houses and/or cabins for each of our kids and their families and one for us...with the fronts all facing a center we are in a cirle basically. Each of them is dressed in quilts and antiques, probably each with a theme. See?! You aren't the only one!

Paige Thomas King said...

Your commune idea is exactly where we started! We may end-up back at the beginning . . .

Auntie Bliss said...

I think it is just a good idea...I think Thanksgiving would be so fun.

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