Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Vintage Inspired Cupboard

A few days ago I posted about the amazing Country French vignette Patty arranged in my absence.  Today, I want to focus on cupboard that started the whole thing.

A while back, I asked my friend Jeff (the guy that makes all of my custom furniture for the shop) to make this:

double window cabinet 001

I gave him two salvaged windows I had been saving for the right project and, about a month later, he called me to tell me it was ready for pick-up.

Now, I had started this whole process (from inception) last fall. When I picked-up the piece, the backroom at the shop was consumed by Christmas, so we unloaded it at the house, where if stood on our back porch (aka—my creative space) for months, awaiting the verdict of my paint color choice.


two window cabinet paint 2

(Naturally, I failed to take the before shot, so here it is after the painting process had begun.)

When I finally decided on colors, I used my old standby, latex paint.  Shortly thereafter, I purchased my first cans of Chalk Paint™ decorative paints and decided to add a coat of French Linen to the exterior and Provence to the interior.  LOVED!

It then began the s----l----o----w move to the shop. 

It hung-out in our dining room so long I had to fight the urge to start filling with vintage dishes.  It then rolled to the front hall—the casters, at the risk of sounding a little self-inflated, pure genius!   Finally, the stars aligned and my husband and son loaded it for the three-city-blocks trip to the shop.

There, we rolled in in and out of the shop (with the opening and closing) for a few days while I contemplated the white paint of the vintage windows.  It looked too graphic, but I didn’t want to cover it completely.  I decided to use the French Linen Chalk Paint™ to make a wash.

tight shot, wash 

I followed with Soft Wax in clear and a little sanding on the entire surface.  I then used the Soft Wax in dark, hitting the new wood (pine) with more, so it looked like a darker wood. 

tight shot--sanding

A final wipe down to remove any excess wax and  I had this . . .

vintage inspired cupboard

I am very pleased with it.  I love display cabinets, but I often think things look too “off limits” behind glass.  That’s why I added the open display shelf at the top.  I think it looks like a custom made “built in” piece of furniture.  The vintage windows made this piece look old, but the display shelf is the “crowning touch!”  (So punny!)


I hope you enjoyed this vintage inspiration . . . for more, please visit Debra and a couple hundred of her closest friends for:

vintage_inspiration_button (187x187)


You will be glad you did!

Thanks for your indulgence!



Tanya said...

Thanks Paige, it's good to see the "behind the scenes" and how things evolve. I love seeing lots of pics of your shop and displays

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Love your cupboard! Ha, we even have similar blog headers!

Auntie Bliss said...

A couple hundred of her friends LOL!
This is genius!!! I'll bet is gone too :)
Can't wait for the barn sale :)

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