Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Summer Mantel and Table

At Hodgepodge, we pride ourselves on frequently changing our displays and vignettes.  The other day, I decided it was time to change the middle room.  My inspiration—a cool Mediterranean tablecloth and some new cobalt blue hurricanes.

So let’s get started with the mantel.

Phase 1:

Somewhere to start . . .

blank canvas mantel

Phase 2:

The addition of a garden element and the cobalt hurricanes

summer mantel 2

Phase 3:

More garden elements (the urn, Spanish moss and a bird’s nest).  I moved the large hurricane onto the single book to raise the height compared to the smaller hurricane.

summer mantel 3

Phase 4:

Addition of the bolster—moved the nest.  Added candles to the hurricanes.

summer mantel 4

Phase 5:

Final touches—the doily under the short hurricane.  Then a few more items in the statue urn—saracina lilies and some raffia for a casual addition to the nest.

summer mantel 5

The rest of the vignette was updated with the new tablecloth and setting.










I think this turned-out beautifully!  It is a table I’d be proud to present to my guests.  I’d love to hear your thoughts . . .

but wait, that’s not all!

My favorite addition to this vignette:

moss light entire 

Check back for more on this lovely moss covered light fixture!

Thanks for your indulgence!


1 comment:

winsomecottage said...

Love the step by step!! Can't wait to see the rest of the light fixture:) Thanks for sharing!

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