Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Attempt to Embrace Spring

This time of year always finds me struggling with the love of gardening—the desire to enjoy some quality patio time with family and friends—and the knowledge that the heat of summer will be on the heals of this short-lived season.

So, I decided to make an effort today.  I took my camera into the garden and took a close look at the “positives” of the season.

I was also attempting to take better photos with my SLR camera.  While I was pleased with the results, they don’t seem to be transferring to this software.  Anyhoo, I will learn how to take better pictures, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy my yard!



The garden on the right as you approach our patio area.


We’ve discovered a few plants that really like Clarksville, TN—Lamb’s Ear is one.


The Salvia is a great contrast to the Coreopsis in the background—then backed be the Hosta.


(Umm . . . can’t remember, but it’s beautiful isn’t it?)


Looking forward to the blossoms on this hydrangea!


New Calla Lily with begonias.


Lavender plant from last year—was even able to over winter this one right here in these pots!  The only plus about our too mild, too short winter.



The herb garden is already filling-out—the sage is lovely.


Horseradish—I will do a better job of harvesting it this year.  The angel my dad gave me is extra special.


Can I grow some oregano or what?


My Lemon Thyme is huge this year!


More of that Lamb’s Ear and Bearded Irises.


This bush will soon be covered in blooms like this . . .



Irises in front of a chair with the perfect patina.


Solomon’s Seal—the flowers are fading, but they are still lovely.


Not the prettiest garden, but we’re working on it.  This has been our challenge . . . we intend to declare victory this year.


This is how we’re dealing with the erosion issue.  (Our neighbor wasn’t aware you could grow wine bottles until these appeared.)


The only portion of the garden to enjoy a little mulch.  A few more wine bottle ledges before we add more mulch.


Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are my favorite Hydrangeas.


So have I mentioned how well the Lamb’s Ear grows?  I look forward to the Wisteria climbing our new arbor.


The view over my left shoulder in from my favorite chair . . . the Adirondack chair my husband made for us more than 20 years ago.

Okay, perhaps Spring does have some redeeming qualities.



Kimberly Jones said...

I enjoyed the tour of your garden very much! The plants are so pretty, and those wine bottle ledges are genius!

Paige said...

Beautiful! You are so multi-talented!

Paige said...

Beautiful! You are so multi-talented!

Lauren Springer said...

How beautiful, Paige! Love it! You and my mother would have lots to talk about and she would love your garden! She has lavender, lamb's ear, salvia and lots of other similar plants at their home in Georgia. It is one of my favorite spots to reflect when I am at home visiting. Hope all is well. Lauren

Auntie Bliss said...

How on earth you can do all that besides your shop? I'm blown away!!!
Jealous of that lavender ...I try so hard every year with it and can't keep it.
So many pretty things in your

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