Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A self check of resolutions

[This was my article for the Leaf Chronicle, published on Jan 7th.  I’ve had a few things going on, but I think I can catch-up.  (Yes—I realize I am ALWAYS saying that!)]

It’s 2012 and life is good. I’m still working on resolutions or, as I like to refer to them, “ideas that sounded good at the time.”

Every year I say, I’m not making any resolutions. Then I hear everyone ticking theirs’ off and I start feeling left out, then feel compelled to blurt-out something, which snowballs into a list of things that sound ridiculous and unachievable as I’m saying them. Then, for good measure, I go and post them on my blog! (Great idea—tell everyone how you plan to fail.)

This concept prompted me to go look at my blog post for the new year of 2011. Just to check myself. Last year, I sub-divided my list (or “goals” as I called them) into household, Hodgepodge and personal goals. Here’s how I measured up:

Household goal #1 was to finish my bedroom and I would say I’m satisfied, but there is some tweaking yet to be done.


(The mirrors and frame replaced the old doors that once served as our headboard—too much smoke damage to keep them after the fire.  New linen curtains replaced the burlap curtains I had made—burlap, by-the-by is apparently highly flammable!)

#2 was to finish claiming my creative space . . . umm , next!

#3 my goal of new appliances was admittedly lofty—I even said so in the original documentation. I have decided to let go of the marble countertops and have decided on butcher block counters, I’ve got about 10 LF already and need to acquire about 8 LF more, but that was progress. No progress on the appliance home front, unless you count the new four-slot toaster I got from the kids for Christmas. No new gas range (#6 on my list), but hope springs eternal with 2012.


(The butcher block already in my possession.)


(My kitchen as it looks now—notice how my white appliances blend seamlessly with my black cabinets . . .N O T!)

#4, Hurrah! Success! Hannah’s room is painted—she did it herself! (Cost a great deal in paint brushes and rollers, but worth it!) I even found new curtains that met with her approval and mine. (I think we get extra points for this one!)


(Hannah’s room—didn’t warn her I was taking this, so I decided not to include her unmade bed; her quilt was the inspiration for the colors.)

#5, I’ve bought the fabric for the new living room curtains AND I just found the number for a seamstress I think I’ll call (another one to migrate to the 2012 list).

Hodgepodge goal numero uno and only was to do what it takes to make my shop a success . . . a work in progress. This is a great opportunity, however, to thank my family—especially my husband—for their continued support of my dream. (Whenever I read something like that on someone else’s blog, I usually think, “Yeah, yeah—kiss up!” but I am very sincere.)

For my personal goals: 1.  see my goal for hodgepodge  ( I take it very personally.); 2.  to be the wife my husband deserves; 3.  to be the mom my kids deserve; 4.  to be the daughter my parents deserve; 5.  to be the sister my sisters deserve; 6.  to be the friend my friends deserve; 7.  to be the faithful servant my God deserves. (Not necessarily in that order.) Not really sure how to measure my success—you could check with my targets—but I’m sure they will all carry-over into 2012, too.

You’ll have to check my blog for list of ideas that sound good for 2012.

Thanks for your indulgence!



winsomecottage said...

Loved this!! I KNOW I have a list just like that somewhere!! Give yourself a hand...somewhat accomplished:)

Auntie Bliss said...

Very nice goals, Paige.
I love your black kitchen cabinets.
All the white ones I keep seeing are tiresome to me.
Hope to see you again someday LOL.

Paige Thomas King said...

thanks for the kind encouragement ladies!

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