Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer = Limoncello

Remember the scene in Under the Tuscan Sun when Diane Lane’s—umm—love interest described the process of making “limoncello?”  While, I’d prefer to drink it on the beautiful Italian coast, the patio in our backyard will do in a pinch.

I watched the movie the other night, which inspired me to make it again.

I used the recipe I found on the food network from Giada De Laurentiis—as a general guide.  You’ll find it here.

Lucky for you, I captured the process in photos:

I used 1.75 liters of a decent vodka and the rinds of twelve super size lemons.  I poured the vodka into a 4 L plastic pitcher, then added the rind.  I put the lid on it, with the pour spout adjusted to allow it to “breath.”

june stuff 099

There is sat for 5 days—I didn’t have time to deal with it on the fourth day—how could one more day be wrong?

(Isn’t it pretty?)

june stuff 103

Then I made the simple syrup.  Since I increased the amount of vodka by more than half, I doubled the portions for the simple syrup . . . twice (no this not a type-o; I had to make the simple syrup twice, because my ever vigilent son—chief keeper of the kitchen—thought it was water and poured the first batch down the drain.

june stuff 104

Add the syrup to the vodka/lemon mixture, cover it d leave it on the counter for one more night.  I think I was supposed to remove the lemon rinds, but again I was running short on time so I put it in the refrigerator.  I poured it into these mason jars—in true “southern style” and returned it to the fridge.

The finished product . . . I think I understand why they usually sell it in frosted bottles; it’s what’s inside that matters.

limoncello 001

One for Clarksville . . . one for Virginia (yay for vacation time!!!).

My recommendation—take it easy—it’s deceptively delicious and smooth!

Cin cin!

Thanks for your indulgence!



Tanya said...

Ooohhh got my mouth all pursed up in anticipation. I do hope you are able to keep the lid on one for the holiday LOL

C'est Moi said...

no other words needed!Except... are you taking orders?

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