Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just a Swingin’

How are you at relaxing?

Me?  Not so good.

But every now and then, it seems possible.  Every now and then I am able to envision myself sitting down, poring over magazines and books—gathering information and inspiration at an exceptionally leisurely pace.  Sometimes I allow myself this sort of indulgence, like when I’m visiting with my sisters—they enjoy the same things.  But those opportunities are few and far between. 

A little over a year ago I made this, because I had to make it:

 swinging bed

I hangs from the rafters on the third floor of our building—only because I have nowhere to put it our house. 

Isn’t it inviting? 

It’s dressed in the softest bed sheets printed with a sweet rosebud and four, feather-filled euro pillows.

I love knowing it’s up there, but I rarely visit it.  I’ve never lounged on it—although I did check it for sturdiness.  I made it for The Roost (our attempt at a Occasional Sale here in Clarksville).  It’s sad that it’s up there—all alone, but it’s also strangely comforting.

One of these days, I’d like to build one for a porch, preferably screened, and facing a lake or river.

One of these days . . .

Thanks for your indulgence.



ps—the one above is available for purchase (local delivery only).


C'est Moi said...

The next time I come for a day trip how about I bring a bottle of wine and we sit a spell.... I could use an inspirational girls day out in a swing :)

Paige Thomas King said...

you come--i'll provide the ice cold limoncello and we'll inspire each other!

Kathy said...

I want to come too! I've seen it up close and personal and I love it! Margarita's for me

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