Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Activites

This weekend went by in a flash, but I feel like we accomplished a lot.  Yesterday, my daughter Hannah helped me clean-out our backroom (a never ending job), while Kimberly Santiago and her daughters painted the “art/vintage gallery” room and Larry Corrigan and his son worked on the lighting in my display windows.  Lots of stuff happening all at once!

On Saturday, however, we enjoyed ourselves at the “Southside Brew Fest,” hosted by Amy Johnston at her home is southern Montgomery County; or, as Hannah commented, “the edge of the Earth!”  (We really don’t get out of downtown Clarksville much!) 

Our hostess:

our hostess


Me and my girls:

me and the girls


But before we went and had our fun, I put together a huge bowl of pasta salad and these:

stuffed cookie

Yes—they were delicious!  Bonus:  they were easy!

I used to pride myself on making all of my cake, cookies and brownies from scratch—now, my pride is found in finding the time to make anything!

That being said, the recipe can be found on the back of the Pillsbury Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix box.  Instead of the recommended vanilla ice cream, I used Breyer’s Black Raspberry Chocolate ice cream for the filling.  Oh my!

The cookie recipe is doctored a little to help it serve as the outside layers for these sandwiches, but you probably have the additional recipe requirements in your pantry (even if you’re using mixes, too!)  Once you make this very thick dough, you then roll the dough into balls:


Then you press them with the bottom of a glass/jar for a uniform shape:

post pressing

Then you bake them:

post baking


After letting them cool completely, you add a small scoop of ice cream and toss them (quickly) into the freezer.

After we put them all together, my daughter reminded me that my friend, Martha, had brought some ice cream sandwiches very similar to these to a cook-out last year.  (She probably made them from scratch!)  I’m sure the were lingering in the periphery of my subconscious!

I probably should have made them 24 hours in advance—rather than just two hours—but we enjoyed them!

Pretty sure I’ll do this again!

Thanks for your indulgence!


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