Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks, Mom!

Mother’s Day—while an invention of the greeting card industry—is the perfect occasion to publically acknowledge all of the great gifts I’ve received from my mother . . .

balanced meal


the ability to pull-together a balanced meal (not that I always do, but I know what  one looks like!);




the ability to set a table—I’d have to reference Emily Post for a “State Dinner”—but thanks to Mom I know where the forks, knives and napkins go!





the knowledge that you never appear in public in your pajamas or without appropriate foundation garments.  (I admit it, I wasgoing to use those “people of WalMart photos,” but they’re just too gross—besides, I always look like this when shopping . . .)




hospital corners.


graduation 472

the ability to listen to my children without constant instruction—to allow them to make mistakes with the minimal amount of “I told you so’s”—to support them even when I feel the endeavor is completely pointless—the ability to love them even when they’re not-very-lovable.


stack of paper


I now read those pages the pharmacist prints out for my information.




never, ever throw away a magazine you might find useful in this (or the next) lifetime.

okay—I’ve got to end this somewhere.  I just wanted the world, or at least my 124 followers, to know that I think the world of her and I appreciate all she’s done for, and continues to do for, me.

Thanks for your indulgence!



Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too -- and my Mother taught me all the same important lessons that yours did.

C'est Moi said...

WE must be kindred spirits....if you can't find that issue your looking for, there's a good chance I have it!

Auntie Bliss said...

I had to laugh at the hospital corners! Mama taught me that too.
Grandmother gave me the Emily Post book but I never read it :/

Kendall Welsh said...

See - now that isn't fair! You used your blog to send Mom a mothers day are ALWAYS one-upping me!

Well, I guess I should just say thanks for putting the words to the things I feel about Mom.

<3 you too Mom!

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