Friday, February 5, 2010

vintage black friday

Found this new blog--frankly, I can't remember how--but of all of the colorful weekday inspiration ideas I've come across (white Wednesdays, and the like)--this is one that I thought I could commit to for several reasons:

(1) I love black--I wear it; I decorate with it.

(2) I'm a business owner--I'd LOVE to be in "the black" (any day of the week!)

(3) I love vintage

So, I thought, what could I do for my first post?

It didn't take long. Thanks to our recent house fire, everything in the bedroom of our 130 year old (vintage) is covered in soot (black). I was discussing the appearance of my bedroom with a friend yesterday. I'm obsessed with the look of my walls right now. The places where all of my vintage florals used to hang have created an eerie kind of art gallery.

So, here you go, my first submission for

Vintage Black Friday floral in acrylic over German village scene with over-flowing window boxes in oil

almost-a-yard-long floral over the three-door headboard

three florals over a vintage french mirror

restored photo of my grandparents over a charcoal drawing of me as a child

a beautiful floral in oil in a stunning frame

yard-long-floral over the door

Some additional "Vintage Black."

once-white vintage Italian chandelier with porcelain roses

no view through a bedroom window

the vintage summer cover for our fireplace

(no damage to that--but vintage and black!)

Now, scoot on over to The French Cupboard blog and take a gander at other Vintage Black Friday submission. Let me know if you decide to join in so I can promote your blog here, too!

Thanks for your indulgence!


Jill said...

Now that is eerie and sad ... looks like you lost a lot of beautiful items .. I'm lovin' the chandelier, even in it's black stage ... will it clean-up? And the fireplace cover is over the top vintage black!

I'm very happy you've joined the party ... hope to see you back next month!


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

So Sorry You had a Fire ~ Very Eerie Photos, Hope & Pray No One was Hurt, possessions are wonderful, but Replaceable..... do Love the Fireplace cover~

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Paige, so nice to meet you, but I'm so sorry to read about your recent house fire, so terrifying. Thank the Lord, you were all safe. And you're right the images are eerie, I can only imagine the beautiful things you had there. Your home is lovely, hopefully things will come together well in the re-do.

Sherrie said...

How sad to have had the fire, but by creating these photos with their surreal feel, means that you are dealing with the situation by using it, for it is what it is, and won't go back to what it was, or bring back what you lost. Good for you.

AbbieRoad said...

wow, those images are all too familiar for me. We had a house fire in 2000. Some mental images, such as things like that, ghosts of things that had been, skeletons of what used to be there - they never leave you.

I never have a Christmas where I'm not just a little sad to not see the handmade ornaments I made as a child, but on the other hand - the new memories are worth it all.

Good luck as you rebuild your home. It took a long time but it was worth it once you get there.

Debbie said...

So sorry to hear of your house fire but very glad you are safe. The pictures ARE quite eerie but you have found a way to share them in a positive way. All my best to you as you start to find your way back to home again and start to rebuild your life.

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