Saturday, February 13, 2010

bed in waiting

This is a project I jumped into during all of my "free time" afforded me thanks to snow and ice! When the customers aren't walking through through the door, it's easy for me to get a little anxious, so it's best if I focus on something else.

I decided to focus on painting. I painted a table, two end tables and this bed--we've had A LOT of snow!

This bed is still talking to me--i don't have the rails for it, so I can't just throw it on the floor to sell. It's telling me it thinks it wants to be a bench. I think it's right.

In the meantime, this one was clear--it's a gorgeous iron bed with beautiful detail and chippy paint. I love this new quilt we're dispalying on it, too. Generally speaking, I'm not a huge fan of pieced quilts, but this one spoke to me (lots of inanimate objects are talking to me . . .we've had A LOT of snow).

I hope this stops, but we're expecting more snow and I'm hearing whispers from the bathroom--it wants to be updated.

What are you doing with your "forced down time?"

Thanks for your indulgence.

1 comment:

KOwen said...

Paige, Love the blue color of the bed. For some reason I've just been lazy these cold snowy days. Wish I was as industrious as you.

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