Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Closer Look at Andrea's House

Last month Clarksville Family published an article I wrote about Andrea Herrera's home. I hope you had a chance to catch it, but if not, use that link (an article) to read it. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, I wasn't able to share all of the pictures of Andrea's amazing talent. Here are some more--remember, while you're viewing these pictures, this is military housing!

I'm hoping Clarksville Family will continue to be interested in these decorating articles, so if you know of someone with exceptional, creative style you think I should feature--please let me know.

Andrea and her business partner, Heavenly, have their talents on display and for sale at this quaint, not-to-little shop called ARTifacts--an arts and antiques emporium. You can take advantage of their incredible talent by visiting their booth . . . often! Also, they are hosting a totally unique consignment sale October 5 - 7. Visit their website, for more information.

Okie dokie--that's should do it!

Thanks for your indulgence!

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MrsMartin said...

Can I come over? Just kidding- no seriously. That is just amazing- her house is military housing. And I think I have it bad when they come to move me. I wonder what it like when she unpacks. And how does she keep her kids from touching everything or playing with it all? Great pictures!

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