Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mirror, mirror

on the wall and on the floor and behind the desk . . .
i have an minor mirror obsession. a friend once told me it was a vanity issue--ooh! Ouch!
i like to think it's because i love what they do for a room. i especially love the old mirrors, the ones that are losing the silvered backing. everyone looks beautiful in an old mirror.
here's a look around the shop at a few of the mirrors i've gathered--a few of them came with the shop.

this is my favorite--not because of how it looks, but because of where it is. It's located behind the front desk and I love to watch people watching themselves in it. Some folks never even meet my eye, because they're so busy looking deep into their own . . .

(this one came with the shop).

this mirror is attached to a low dresser--it's huge and i love it--the silvering is chippy and wonderful. the wreath accentuates the mottled quality of the mirror.

this is a large wall mirror. it would look great above a mantel.

this is a huge mirror with a gilded frame.

one of the very few new mirrors you'll find in hodgepodge--it's amazing!

this mirror was already attached to the wall--we just added the shelves.

this is a little mirror, attached to a chifferobe that i've fashioned into a display case.

this one hasn't found it's way to a wall. i imagine it on the wall of our renovated bathroom--problem is, i have no immediate plans to renovate the bathroom. not that i shouldn't have immediate plans, because i should. oh well, for now it reflects shoes and curious little ones who have the lubricated joints which allow them to squat down and take a gander at themselves and pop-right-back-up . . . like daisies.

there are many more mirrors throughout the shop--available for your consideration.

as i said earlier, they serve many purposes--the obvious reflection of our images, but then there's the not so obvious reflection of light, favorable views or objects. Of course, there's the illusion of depth or more space. so, there you have it, the numerous reasons you should consider mirrors when you're considering your decor.

You can also consider them when you need a self-portrait!

Thanks for your indulgence!

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