Sunday, March 22, 2009

out of commission

i've been without my computer for over one week. it's been strange to say the least. i've missed making posts here. i could do it at work--nah, i couldn't. too busy and too many interruptions (not that i'm complaining!). i prefer to do this when i'm wrapping-up my day--like now. so it's back--starting like it should, but still without some of the keys (thanks to samurai boy).

i started the day at church--forgetting we were on the schedule to be the greeters for the 9:30 service. (make no mind that i do the scheduling!) i get into the sanctuary and realize i have no reading glasses--i was able to follow along only when i could place the book of common prayer on the pew in front of me. (it's rite 1 for lent--not as familiar to me.) great sermon.

after church we went to pick-up the trusty, but old, suburban (our most recent vehicle to visit don and jason--our favorite mechanics).
then to the shop to work on the display challenge. "challenge" is appropriate. they sent me the merchandise i'm allowed to use--none of it came from my existing vendors. at first, it didn't look like enough inventory to create a decent display, but when i started to try to put it all together, it was much more than i thought. i'm allowed to incorporate props, but no merchandise from other vendors. it's much more complicated than i anticipated--especially since it's so little variety with which to work. i wish i could show you pictures, but it's against the rules. suffice to say i look forward to sharing it with you as soon as i'm able. of course, if you come into the shop in the next few days, you'll see it. (hint, hint)
Thanks for your indulgence.

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Me said...

Well, now you know I have to come in this week! Can't wait to see what you've created.

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