Wednesday, March 11, 2009

File, File, Shred, Rinse, Repeat

I'm in the mood to create, but (as I've whined about in previous posts) I'm tied to the computer--doing fun stuff like *budget analysis* (translated, "what's the drop dead date for paying that bill?"); *purchasing* (translated, "please, oh please, let me choose stuff they'll like"); and *office management* (translated, "filing piles and piles of paperwork").

I guess I'll have my opportunity with the merchandise I need to assemble into a winning display for Country Business. The inventory arrived the other day. It's all lovely merchandise. I just need to figure out how I want to display it.

I'm working on a few ideas. I need to take action soon, though. I have to have it finished before long--in time to have the photographer come and take pictures before the 30th. I was thrilled to be chosen, but part of me is wondering what I've gotten myself into! I've gotten two phone calls and an email--I'll bet they're wondering if they've chosen the right retailer for this opportunity!

This weekend Kendall and I will be traveling to the mini-market in Atlanta. I'll be looking at some merchandise I intend to order--based on what I've circled in the catalogs. I also have a few other things I've been thinking about adding to our merchandise mix. Consequently, we'll be closed on Monday.

(Sorry the pics are so small--I couldn't figure out how to re-size them. If you get out your magnifying glass, you'll see they're pics of displays at market--"award winning" displays at that . . . a definite theme developing here.)

I'll also be joined by some prospective shop owners on this trip. Friends I've met through the shop have bee discussing the possibility of opening their own shop. They want to open something downtown (the "magic words" as far as I'm concerned), so I'm doing what I can to help them out.

So while I'm mentioning this it brings to mind a question I've been meaning to ask. This may develop into an official survey for the downtown business district, but for now it's just an informal inquiry, specifically about shopping:

What are we missing? Which kind of shops do you think we need to add to our "retail mix?"

Post your thoughts as comments here.

As always, thanks for your indulgence.


charlene said...

I hate to push the European thing but I've been really impressed with the downtown here, there are many little thrift shops that frankly look like boutiques, cell phone shops galore, and cafes of every sort when you need a break from shopping. Just my two cents from UK. Love ya charly

Karen said...

I would love to see a bakery downtown, that also serves sandwiches, salads, etc. and stays open past 5:00pm, something you can grab for dinner.

Me said...

You know I'm going to vote for a bookstore and a stationery shop. And Blondie's is great, but a coffee shop with comfy old chairs and sofas and lots of reading material lying around would be cool too. Maybe they could play great music and sell homemade pastries? And have acoustic performances on the weekend? Yeah. (I'm reliving my favorite coffee house from Birmingham!)

Kendall Welsh said...

I want more everything! I want a convenient bookstore, convenience store with my aspirin, a place to pick up my kitchen stuff, and a place to find organizational items! I want it all!

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