Friday, January 23, 2009

what I should be doing . . .

things i could be doing, but i'm working on the computer instead:


organizing my magazines;

filing paperwork;


planning for the "how do they do that" program;

cleaning Haedyn's room for our house guest (arriving Monday).

things i could have done while at the shop today, but i had to do computer work instead:

filing paperwork (recurring nightmare);
merchandising (i rarely get to do that any more--thank goodness for Patty!);

planning for a class i'll be teaching in march;
taking pictures for the website;

merchandising (i miss it).

so what's the solution? toss the computer(s)? my husband would tell me to prioritize--which i think i'm doing, but i don't' feel like i'm getting to any of the good stuff. i use to make lists all of the time, but i don't make them anymore. maybe i should get back to that habit.

if organization is the key . . . i've lost mine.
how do you do it? do you make lists? do you limit your time in front of the computer? any recommendations? i look forward to your guidance . . . help me obi wan--you're my only hope.
thanks for your indulgence,

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