Friday, January 9, 2009

January Art Walk

(Sorry--thought I posted this the other day.)

If you didn't join us for Art Walk tonight it was your loss, because Pat and Cathy Finney brought their beautiful fused glass creations to Hodgepodge, but you're in luck. Their items will be on display and available for purchase for the rest of the month.
According to their artists' statement, "strip construction is a large component of (their) work. Precisely measured strips of glass are cut and then fused together to surround an aperture pour inclusion. Each piece of art has been through several processes before reaching completion. The artwork may have to be fired several times, slumped, cold worked, and/or sandblasted to achieve a final design. "

All that being said, I can tell you this . . . it's intensely colorful, detailed and stunningly attractive.

I am deciding which pieces I'll add to our growing collection of local art. (A true benefit of hosting these artists--first look at their presentations!) I think one of the wind chimes will become an overdue gift for a family member--Christmas comes at a most inconvenient time for this retailer.

I'm also proud to announce that you can find the literary work of another Clarksville resident, Barry Kitterman, at Hodgepodge. We acquired several signed copies of The Baker's Boys and have them available for purchase.I borrowed the following from the Texas A&M University Press Consortium: The Baker's Boy is set in Central America and in middle Tennessee, Barry Kitterman's debut novel gives us two intertwined stories: In the first, Tanner Johnson, nearing midlife, has left his pregnant wife and taken a job as a baker, working nights, trying to avoid a shadowy presence that haunts him from the past. In the second, Tanner relives his painful experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Belize, where he taught at a boys' reform school nearly a quarter century ago. Haunted by the past, he struggles to find the courage to accept his role as a husband and prospective father. As I don't sit down with books very frequently, I'm hoping to talk Barry into recording it for me--I LOVE my books-on-tape!
I hope to see you soon so I can share the wonderful talents of these--and other--Clarksville residents.
Thanks for your indulgence!

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