Wednesday, May 22, 2013

garden trellis

A few weeks ago I mentioned, in my column for The Leaf Chronicle, the fact that I had assembled a pyramid-shaped garden trellis using some inexpensive, pre-made trellises.

trellis pyramid

Here’s how you can make one, too.

You will need:

Three rose trellises

one 8” terra cotta pot

plastic tie straps


a good friend, flown in from Norway and her adorable daughter

vine seeds and water

2013-05-02 09.55.59

First, ask your friend to hold the first two trellises in position, while she is also attempting to explain to her 3 1/2 year old why she must wait to attach the plastic tie straps.


Quickly mark position for the points of contact  for each of the trellises in order to “plant” the ends in the ground.  This will give the structure additional stability when it “runs into” your 90 lb dog.




Once you are sure you’ve got the three pieces positioned correctly (check to ensure it relatively level—I used a brick to level this one), then pack the dirt around the points of contact.


You can then turn the three-year-old loose with the strip ties.


I also used basic “L” shaped stakes to add a little more stability.


Plant seeds and enlist the help of someone interested in topping-off your efforts with a little water.


Add an inverted flower pot to the peak of the pyramid.


I have a finial for the top, but wanted to make sure the contraption would withstand the typical elements of the area before I topped it.  (I think the storms tonight will give me the opportunity to find my answer.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your indulgence,


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