Friday, December 9, 2011

The Gift of Time

This was my Leaf Chronicle article for Nov 27th—unfortunately, there was a mix-up and it wasn’t published, well, at least not under my byline.  Then they ran it last week—so it’s actually two weeks old.  Regardless, I’ll share it with you now:


As I write this, there is a lovely sunrise on this cool, clear day. I am repositioning my writing table so I enjoy it. Still not a direct view, but I can see it reflected in my neighbor’s windows.

Today, I will head to the shop early to prepare for what I hope will be a busy day of shoppers and visits with my Hodgepodge friends. I hope to hear stories of Thanksgiving successes and mishaps. I also hope everyone is in the frame of mind that this season should bring--a season of love and sharing.

We shouldn’t be stressed-out about the holidays. We should be able to enjoy it and not dread it. Actually, I’ve never dreaded the holidays, but I have been stressed. This year, I am determined to be stress free. Already, I’m noticing things don’t feel rushed.

vintage advent calendar

I feel that we’ve been given some extra time this year. Thanksgiving was early--we still have nearly a full week of November left. So, there you go--the gift of time! A little extra time to prepare--to do your shopping, to plan your menus, to decorate your home. You’re welcome.

gift of time

No, really. I want you to have it.

Okay, so the gift wasn’t from me, but it’s for you and it’s what you’ve always wanted:

More time.



Today, I’m going to attempt to map-out the rest of my year. I have a calendar full of appointments with clients, volunteer meetings and various other obligations, but I haven’t figured out when I will decorate our house for the holidays. Today, I plan to put that on the schedule.

This weekend the kids did me the huge favor of prepping the storage area for easier access to the Christmas decorations. They went through our storage boxes full of clothes to determine what could be donated and what could be handed down to cousins. They loaded six--no, more than that--of those lawn-sized garbage bags into the car. I haven’t had the opportunity to go see, but I am sure that opened-up a huge amount of space in our storage area. (I will try to leave it open--I tend to fill those spaces far too easily!)

So with that chore out of the way, we should be able to get to the decorating right away. That was the goal of my youngest. She wanted to start bringing down the tree and decorations on Thanksgiving day! Nope, not ready for that!

I will, however, allow them to set-up the tree and determine the status of our lights, but no ornaments. We may go ahead and set-up the smaller trees, too--those we can decorate.

hydrangea tree

Some folks have had their Christmas decorating schedule down in their books of traditions since time immemorial. I envy those people. They know when their trees will be decorated, the presents purchased and Christmas cards sent. I’ve never been one of those people. I get a lot done, but it’s not on any predetermined schedule. It just happens.

It happens in between the hours spent at the shop, the husband’s new work schedule and the kids’ school and activities. Somehow it all happens and we have fun getting there!

That wraps-up the article.  I wrote the follow-up article yesterday—to be published this Sunday.  It’s a great counterpoint to this one.

Thanks for your indulgence.


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