Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stampington & Company Obsession


My obsession with Stampington & Company continues with Somerset Life.  This isn’t my first issue of Somerset Life—oh no, I’ve already got several in my stacks.  (By the way, these magazines have their own separate “piles.”  They don’t join the slick cover magazines—the paper stock they use for these publications provides the tactile reason for their distinct segregation—their content, however, is the deciding factor.)

I enjoy these magazines so much, I started carrying a selection of Stampington & Company publications at the shop—so I don’t have to chase off across town to get them.  There is also the added bonus of introducing my customers to Where Women Create, Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio, Where Women Cook, Mingle and Somerset Holidays.

The only problem problems I find with these magazines is are:

(1)  I am so inspired, but I rarely find the time to attempt the things I find; and,

(2)  I feel completely inadequate—usually within just a few words into each article.

Mind you—I don’t allow either of these issues to prevent me from consuming each—cover-to-cover—like a starving child. Further, these issues are not, fundamentally, problems with the publications—I may be projecting . . . just a little.

In this issue (Oct/Nov/Dec 2011), I was particularly engrossed by the article Exploring Collaboration by Alexandra Cave.  She writes of her solution to desiring a few months off from her blog to spend with her newborn.  She solicited help from her readers by asking them to be a guest blogger on her blog.  You’ll be inspired by her enthusiasm and desire to continue these exchanges and explorations.  Visit her blog here.

There are many more articles, but this one truly opened my eyes to how many gifted and generous people are out there and all within reach, thanks to the blogosphere. 

I hope you pick-up a copy for your own collection.


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