Sunday, April 10, 2011

entertaining ideas at hodgepodge

The new merchandise has been rolling into Hodgepodge and it seems I was developing a subconscious theme—entertaining!

Many of our new inventory items will help you pull-together a picture perfect event.  From appetizers to aperitifs—we’ve got you covered.  So, when I started thinking about how to incorporate these items into our displays, I decided to arrange and entire display around the entertaining theme.

Here is the the whole shebang:

entertaining ideas 001


This porcelain handled service set elevates an iceberg and shredded cheddar salad to  mixed baby greens with goat cheese.

entertaining ideas 002 (2)


Cheese platters are almost always a part of our offerings for our guests.  I love these cheese knives from Comptoir de Famillie; along with the cheese marker tiles (you can write on them with dry erase markers) on one of these bamboo cutting boards would make a great presentation.

entertaining ideas 006


The low profile of this sugar mold votive holder makes it ideal for a buffet table.  The three tier server also helps make the most out of limited space on a table.  Try elevating items on cake pedestals—such as the willow dome at the rear.

entertaining ideas 007


Arrive at a party with this jute tote filled with wine and you’ll be at the top of the invitation list every time! 

entertaining ideas 008


These monogrammed bottle stoppers make a great gift, but they’re wonderful to have on hand to re-cork your wines, balsamic vinegars and oils!

entertaining ideas 009


The perfect cocktail napkin for a wine and cheese party . . .

entertaining ideas 011 (2)


This corkscrew is a piece of art!  You won’t want to put it in a drawer.

entertaining ideas 012


These 6-inch square, linen blend coasters are only made better with a monogram!

entertaining ideas 013 (2)


The Derby provides the perfect opportunity to have a few friends over for a celebration.  These footed mint julep cups are silver plated, adding authenticity to your celebration.  The willow dome  and tray are great for outdoor entertaining—helping to keep the bugs off of your food.

entertaining ideas 016 (2)


If you prefer your mint in a mojito, perhaps we can interest you in this beautiful wooden muddler.  It comes in a muslin bag with the recipe printed on it.

entertaining ideas 018 (2)


This wonderful peasant boy statue is ideal for serving nuts, candies or olives, but for now he’ll just hold the extra corks.

entertaining ideas 019


These easy-mix dips from Gourmet du Village blend into tasty appetizers with the addition of only a couple ingredients.  I keep them in my pantry—just in case.

entertaining ideas 021

The only thing better than brie . . . brie with apricot & jalapeno topper!  The cheese ball mixes come in sweet or savory flavors.

entertaining ideas 022 (2)entertaining ideas 023 (2)


Use the brie baker for serving, as well.  The dip chiller has been a favorite of ours for years!  Mix-up your dip and keep it chilled with the addition of ice in the base.

entertaining ideas 025


I hope this gives you a few ideas for your next get-together.  If you’re interested in any of the items you see here, please visit the Hodgepodge Boutique.

Thanks for your indulgence.


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PJay said...

I enjoyed your shop so much last month when my Red Hat chapter visited. There are beautiful things around every corner. I hope to come visit again soon.

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