Monday, March 14, 2011

7 Facts you’ll regret knowing about me . . .

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One of my favorite bloggers, City Mouse (now referenced in my two most recent posts!), invited me to participate in “7 Facts”—it’s a “meme.” I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself that my general reading audience of two do not know about me. (I told Debi that I can’t imagine there’s much I haven’t already told you, ummmm, both, but here goes . . .)

Obscure Paige fact #1—I had to google the definition of a “meme.” You too?

Richard Dawkins’ definition of a meme in The Selfish Gene is “a unit of cultural transmission.” Like genes and diseases, the prevailing characteristic of memes is that they tend to replicate, just add humans.


So, you may ask (as I did), whotheheck is Richard Dawkins and why does he make me feel stupid?

According to his “official website,” Richard Dawkins is the former Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, a position he held from 1995-2008.

Well, that clears that up!

For the record . . . I think Mr. Dawkins has an inflated sense of self-worth as he “named” a game I’ve been playing since I was a child in grade school; we passed around spiral notebooks with questions our friends were to answer--we called them “Friendship Books.”

I digress . . .

Obscure Paige fact #2—I loathe going to a spa for a massage. (A massage from my husband, however . . .)

Obscure Paige fact #3—my parents named me Paige Ellen Thomas. When I married, I dropped the Ellen and became Paige Thomas King. I have now been Paige Thomas King longer than I was Paige Ellen Thomas. (That was even obscure to me until this very moment!)

Obscure Paige fact #4—I love music and, while I do not always appreciate the music my fourteen year old chooses, I’d say I’m fairly open to most types of music. That being said, however, I usually leave a blog if music starts playing as soon as it loads.

I have been assaulted by truly horrific tunes, as well as music I adore, but the reason I’d prefer to have quiet blogs is that it usually announces to everyone that I’m looking at blogs! People shopping at Hodgepodge will stop and looks as the tunes start playing! Plus, it’s difficult for me to read your blog as Norah Jones soulfully belts out her number one hits. I will gladly click on your suggested music or your play lists (one of my favorite features of City Mouse’s Tunes I love Tuesday!).

Obscure Paige fact #5—While I’m on the blog topic, I’d also prefer to see YOUR pictures—not pictures you’ve grabbed from another website or an image search.

The occasional picture of an inspiration room or something you’re longing for, but don’t have one of your own to take a picture—that I understand. I’m interested in what YOU are doing and seeing and what inspires you, but I don’t want to read a blog filled with images you found on the Elle, Country Living or Architectural Digest sites. YOU are much more interesting.

That being said—be sure to watch for a post in the near future in which I’ll reference a bunch of pictures from a book I’m lovin’ on lately!

Obscure Paige fact #6—I cannot abide by hypocrites. (hee, hee)

Obscure Paige fact #7—I love that, until 14 days ago, my husband was part of that “less than 1% of the US population serving in the Armed Forces.”

I love that he served. He’s sacrificed so much and I am in his eternal debt. (Don’t tell him—he’ll be absolutely impossible to live with!) Oh, and I am glad he’s retired!

Now, I am to “tag” some of my blog friends and ask them to share in this “meme.” Here goes:

it’s your turn . . . Auntie Bliss at Blissitydoodah . . . and Kimberly at Kimberly Santiago Art . . . and Tawnya Norton at C’est Moi! . . . and Tanya at Suburban Jubilee. (two of them won’t mind, the other two will not be happy with me!) Please visit their blogs—they’re wonderful!

Thanks for your indulgence!



Auntie Bliss said...

Paige Ellen I am not happy with you!
No, wait...that is someone else.
Okay, let me go copy some pics from Etsy or Ebay LOL and I'll do it. ;)

Paige Thomas King said...

Antie Bliss--well, i guess i calculated that wrong! i thought you were one of the ones that would be okay with it. YIKES! I may lose some friends! Paige

Paige Thomas King said...

"Auntie" Bliss

Lady Pamela said...

This is such a refreshing post. Interesting. too. Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed reading it and your lovely sense of humour. Thanks.

Paige Thomas King said...

Lady Pamela,
Why thank you! I'm glad you were able to read it in the humor I intended. I appreciate the kind comment!

citymouse said...

I totally agree with you about the blogs that play music when you visit. As much as I love music, I HATE that.

I also took my maiden name as my middle name when I got married and have been using that longer than my birth name. (Besides, I am really not a Debra Jeanne.)

Glad you played along. I found it a little challenging at first to come up with 7 things but in the end it was fun.

O'Baby! said...

Paige, you are so witty and you write so well. I am jealous. You forgot to mention your alias is Peachy Keen.

C'est Moi said...

Oh, Boy..... The pressure ! No, really thanks for the push. I find it hard to be personal with my blog . I guess I can play with the big girls.

Sweetladyelaine said...

Hey Paige,
Just visiting your blog and love your sense of humor! I also do not appreiciate some of the music that boggers play and just turn off the sound. I won't tell you which blogs I do that too! That's going a little too far.....
Blessings to You,

Auntie Bliss said...

I was kidding see? "no, wait...that is someone else" :) see? I was cool with it! (i joke around too much)

see you soon...i need to bring some friends with cold hard cash with me :)

Becky said...

I loved your post soo much I decided to share 7 facts about myself too. I linked to your blog too. Here is mine so you can look.

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