Friday, October 22, 2010

Hodgepodge serves Dinner for the Dead

dinner for the dead

Welcome to Dinner for the Dead at Hodgepodge!

dftd 12

(Okay—now that I have no time to go back and take new pictures, I’m noticing the bowl is off center.  ARGH!)

dftd 2

This is the front window display at the shop. 

dftd 3

We set the table with Mary Carol Collection dishes, vintage silver plated flatware in a sheer black bag on linen napkins from Comptoir de Famille.

dftd 4

We presented our dinner guests with a black rose,  a Shipyard Pumpkin Head brew and a frothy concoction in our silver plated mint julep cups from Two’s Company.  The glass bead spider webs are a wonderful accent—draped across the settings here and hanging on the mirror below.

dftd 5

Vintage look apothecary jars deck the mantel along with very convincing holographic “family photos.”

dftd 6

The mercury glass skull is one of my favorite items this year—elegantly spooky.

dftd 7

The haunted house (in the back) is on loan from The Roxy Regional Theatre.

dftd 8 dftd 9

While flea marketing, I keep an eye out for books with Halloween themed titles—references to murder and death are always available.

dftd 10

The torn umbrella is from a frightful display in last year’s window.  I love the rat escaping it’s cage.  The silhouette of the witch at the door was happenstance, as she’s actually facing the the display of the “outdoor room” in our window.

dftd 11

These hand beaded mini chandeliers will carry over from our sophisticated Halloween display into our Christmas display with ease!  (Why didn’t I put votive candles in them?  Why do I feel compelled to point out my short comings???)

I hope you enjoy our Dinner for the Dead!

Now I’ve got to look at all of the other fun tables at

Thanks for your indulgence!



bunny, The Paris House said...

I just got your kind comment and wanted to stop over and see your blog. Your spooky setting is marvelous!! Love it! This is my favorite time of the year.
PS, you should try that menu. The seafood shop steamed the lobsters so I didn't have to much. The sweet potatoes just get a quick roasting in the oven tossed in olive oil salt and pepper I prepared the salad dressing in the morning and then just tossed. The table for 2 was so fast to set. I love spur of the moment they always turn out better!! I hope you have a nice anniversary!

Auntie Bliss said...

That frothy stuff looks good! Lovely scary meal you put together :)
Did you see my post?
I think you'll enjoy the comments!
and thank you! that was fun :)

Guess who forgot to put money in the parking meter? I was too concerned about parallel parking I guess :(

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Paige... It's always nice to meet a fellow Tennessean. We are from the Crossville area (about an hour west of Knoxville). Thanks for coming to my blog.

I can tell that you are a very creative lady... Love your Halloween dinner decorations. SO clever.... Thanks for sharing...

I don't decorate for Halloween --but decorate more for harvest (since my decorations stay up 'til Thanksgiving).

Hope you are enjoying Autumn.

Jami said...

Beautiful display. Everything is gorgeous and spooky!

paperbutterfly said...

Thank you for taking the time to stop by for tea and introduce yourself.
You have a wonderful blog and a wonderful shop. I wish you were closer. I am sure I would find a few things I need for my next tablescape.
I loved your inspiring post...I find myself wanting to help God plan my life too often. Its so true..Pray.

paperbutterfly said...

Thank you for stopping in for tea and introducing yourself.
Love your blog and your store. Wish you were closer so I could visit in person.
Loved your inspirational words.
Blessings, Pam

Paige Thomas King said...

I think Kroger removed their lobster tank, so I may have to wait until Publix opens next year! (We have plenty of catfish, though ;^)
If I can get my hands on fresh lobster, I'm doing it!

Paige Thomas King said...

Auntie Bliss,
You are so sweet! I'm running over to your post as soon as I respond to all of my lovely vistitors!
I am so sorry about your parking ticket! We're working on getting rid of the meters, but in the meantime, how about a $20.00 gift certificate to use at Hodgepodge the next time you're in town?
Thanks for your frienship!

Paige Thomas King said...

Thanks for visiting. I don't have a single Halloween decoration displayed at my house--they are still stored in boxes! My kids always tease me that they have to come to my shop to enjoy holiday decorations!
The tablescape was from a table at my shop.

Paige Thomas King said...

Thanks for the kind words--hope you come back for another visit.

Paige Thomas King said...

It would appear you read a few of my posts--thanks!
I've had a difficult time expressing my feelings--glad you understood!
Looking forward to getting to know you better!

Tanya said...

What fun! Love the skull and the escaping rat is also inspirational. Wish I could stop in for a visit.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This is wonderfully and beautifully spooky -- perfect for an elegant Halloween table. Thanks for your visit.

Entertaining Women said...

Perfectly lovely spooky table. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

Jacqueline said...

What a great table. I love it with all the details around the shop too. I would love to come and dine there!!!

Anita said...

So glad I found your blog! This is a beautifully creative table! I love the little bags with the flatware. Thanks so much for stopping by:-)

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