Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Restoration Progress

The repair work has finally begun and we’re moving right along!  They’ve removed the wallpaper . . .

dining room, no paper


and painted below the chair rail, as well as the ceiling and all of the trim (including the built-in and fireplace mantle).

dining room paint

Can you see the slight blue tint to the ceiling?  We used it in the kitchen when Darren painted this winter and I love it!  We’re using it throughout the first floor of the house.  Can’t wait for you to see the wallpaper!  It’s going up next weekend.

Here’s some progress pictures of the bedroom:

Our new ceiling!  The brighter white part is where they haven’t added the finish layer.  They were kind enough to patch the wall cracks, too.  (Which sent my contractor into a panic, as we didn’t discuss fixing the cracks and he knows how I like the imperfections of my house.)

firerepairs 028

They’ve also painted our hallway, half-bath and the master bath!  (I’ll post those later.)

They’ve taken out sections on our wood work in order to replicate it.  They’ve taken out the windows, too.  I’m told the new windows will even open!  (The originals had been caulked closed years ago—in a vain effort to “save energy.”)  I’m told they’re even going to  reconnect the weight and pulley counter balance system!

firerepairs 032

It’s strange having our house so empty—Darren, a creature of habit, has been placing his work paraphernalia on the floor, right where the dining room table used to be.  Everything I seem to need is in a box somewhere.  I have promised myself, however, that when I am able to return all items to their drawers and cabinets, I will be  weeding out the items I haven’t used in a while.  I WILL, I WILL . . .

Here’s one more pic, just because it’s pretty . . .

wisteria vine 2010

Already gone and green now—wish they could create one that just blooms.

Thanks for your indulgence!



nostalgia*gal said...

HI! Its Sunday early morn and catching up on blog work thought to stop in on you. Goodie you did a follow so thought I would give you a smile to see my logo :)

Love your house project and cannot wait to see more pictures!

HUGS! cindykay

BB said...

On the way to beautiful, Paige! And you've already got a bad being turned to good story -- windows that will open! B-)

nostalgia*gal said...

HI Paige! I am soooooo loving this house!

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