Friday, May 11, 2007

It's easier than you think!

While trying to determine my next blog topic, I was approached by one of my customers about how to go about painting a piece of furniture she has. So, there you go . . . my "next blog topic."

It is really much easier than you think. I usually start by sanding (if I've got the time and the room to work) the entire piece. I then wipe-off the residue with a lint free cloth, dampened with mineral spirits. On this project, however, I didn't want to fill my bedroom with dust, so I opted for method #2 of preparation. I mixed-up a solution of TSP (tri sodium phosphate) substitute--pulled on my rubber gloves and gave it a good wash. Once you've cleaned the entire piece, allow it to dry thoroughly. (I was in a hurry so I turned on the fans!)

Now, for the paint I simply use satin wall paint. Often I just use white, but sometimes I pick-up other colors on the "oops" section of our local home improvement store. I use a good quality paint brush to apply the paint. I usually apply two to three coats. Wait between coats--even after it appears dry, give it a few more hours. If you want a smooth, even finish you should probably sand between coats, too. (Clean as instructed above.) If you plan on "antiquing" your finish, just skip that extra step. If you want to antique the finish--start by taking a sanding block to the edges and around areas which would achieve natural wear (ie.: the knobs, the surface and edges of the drawers). Don't get carried away--you want it to look natural! If you want to keep the nice, finished look you may wish to finish with a top coat of polyurethane. I usually skip this step--mainly because I'm impatient and will lose interest in any project that takes longer than 3 days--but also because I like for the piece to continue to "age" with our wear and tear.

There you have it! Any project that takes less than three paragraphs to explain is worth trying!

Again, I apologize for the length of time between my postings. Life is getting busier!

Thanks for your indulgence!

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