Friday, March 30, 2007

Now I get it . . .

I think I understand now. I've never been accused of being a woman of few words--even when journaling (or blogging). I think, however, if I'm actually going to do this, I need to pare down my entries. So, one week before Good Friday, I'm making my Lenten commitment to "shut up and do." (I think I can do that for 7 days.)
I thought I'd let you all know about my plans for my week of solitude. (Darren and kids will head to FL for Spring Break.)
Ever since opening the shop, I have severely neglected my home. I have done very little to make my home the inviting space I once envisioned. I tackle little projects, but without seeing an entire project through, it still has a disjointed appearance.
I'm going to finish our master bedroom and bath. I'm going to start by painting our wardrobe--eek! Sorry purists--I must coat that orange-y oak with satin white! I'm also on the look-out for a new headboard and a piece of furniture to store Darren's clothing. Then, in our bathroom, more paint--the vanity will also be slathered in white. And down comes the black and red chandelier to be replaced by an old fixture we found under the house and painted . . . white.
Another project involves the dining room. I'm going to recover the dining chairs and make slipcovers for the backs. When time allows, there will be matching curtains, too.
I'll promise pictures of the before and after looks, but you kow better than to hold your breath.
My hope is that now that I've told all three of my readers, I'll follow through!
Write and tell me about you projects. If you need some ideas . . . send me a picture with a brief description of what you'd like to achieve. I'll send you a few ideas.
Thanks for your indulgence.

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Cathy Louise said...

Don't worry Paige, I have a purist husband (he is getting a little better but some things are definitely out of bounds) that doesn't like me painting furniture either but this weekend I will also be tackling a chest of drawers that are stained very, very dark timber for my bedroom and hopefully a wardrobe hidden up the loads of pieces of furniture in the garage... It is a disaster area I must say...

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