Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Market, to market . . .

. . . to buy a fat pig? No, but I did find some fat-free chocolate bunnies!

As many of you know, Kendall and I went to the Atlanta Home Accessories and Gift Show last weekend. This was Kendall's first foray into the wild world of the "buyer's market" and I believe she was duly impressed. While seemingly endless hours of shopping may appeal to many of you, I can assure you there is a price to be paid. My hips are just now recovering, as are Kendall's feet. We're talking 6.2 million square feet of showrooms and I feel sure we covered a large portion of it!

The good news is our hard work will be evident in the coming months as new merchandise rolls into Hodgepodge via UPS, FedEX and freight carriers! I am very excited about some of the new items we found and ordered all in the hopes of helping you gather your home. I found a great new source for home and garden decor, which I'll be able to offer at great prices. They are my source for the "fat-free bunnies," too. (More on those Spring draws closer.) Then there were all the great offering from some tried and true vendors such as Archipelago Botanicals--we're expanding our scent selection and offering our best sellers in their incredible scent diffusers. We've also expanded our Comptoire de Familie line in order to bring you the best selection of reproduction Country French decor. You should also check-out our ever-growing line of offerings from Gourmet du Village! For Valentine's Day (or any other day--who needs an excuse?) we'll have fondue kits for two, more of the hot chocolates, as well as tasty truffles!

We also found some great personal accessories, such as one-of-a-kind jewelry made from broken china and sterling silver. It combines two of my loves--transferware china and silver! We have a new vendor for unique, stylish handbags in a variety of styles and sizes. Then, there are the charms we already have in the shop. They're handmade from vintage pictures/photographs and framed between two pieces of glass with sterling silver. You have to see them to understand how special they are.

The long and long of it is . . . I hope we found the things you've been longing for or didn't even know you wanted! I 'm always on the lookout for the items you mention to me and hope I can help you find them--if not at my shop, then elsewhere.

I won't be hitting market again until July--should give me time to recover or schedule hip surgery--but I'm constantly meeting with my phenomenal reps and receiving items throughout the year.

Please let me know how I can help you gather your home.

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